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I did the programming on this incredible shopping cart. Site design by Lightwerx Media
I did the programming on the newsletter and course sign-ups, created the entire online course, the share-with-a-friend system, created the site itself and its flow (though visual design is by Lightwerx Media) and created the media page. Heck, I'm even ON the media page.
I did the programming on the newsletter and programming guide sign-ups.
Site design by Lightwerx Media
Simple T' ai-Chi site with interesting menus (some of which only work in IE, but that's what Gene wanted)
         Gene's Music Page  (this is worth seeing, but all songs are not yet uploaded)
         Gene's Schedule page
         (this is a very simple design that allows a performing artist to easily update their performance schedule)
CWG the movie
I did the programming on this set of trailers, and did a lot of programming, Flash and otherwise on this site.
A Flash-oriented SQL-driven legal Site
This is a work in progress.
Ogden Kistler Architecture
(I did the back-end development on this site. Very elaborate programming, using ASP, JavaScript and programmed Flash. The graphic site adjusts to the resolution of the browser. Very unique.)
Site design by Kinesis
Still A Broad
Graphic Flash SQL driven site. I did the site design and programming. This is a work in progress.
I did the site and Flash design for this very funny comedic singer's site
(I did the dealer locator and other back-end development on this site, including ASP,
JavaScript, SQL, and other programming elements for this SQL database-driven site)
(SQL Server database-driven RV Sales and purchasing site)
(Access Database-driven Realtor Listing site)
(Access database-driven Classified Sales site)
(Access database-driven Classified Rentals site)

(Online questionnaire, based in ASP and JavaScript)

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